our analog technology_ [band]

by dKOTA

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this is PART 1 of our most recent double release, "our analog technology" / this segment features the band // part 2 [also available on bandcamp] features solo acoustic songs and strings_


released August 15, 2014

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all songs, lyrics, artwork, and design << dustin johnsen
recorded & produced @ revolver studios, portland, oregon
mastered @ eureka mastering, kansas city, kansas

all rights reserved // copyright << dkota & dustin johnsen publishing // ASCAP 2014_



all rights reserved


dKOTA Portland, Oregon

dKOTA is music from Portland, Oregon that explores expansiveness, dynamics, unexpected progressions, and heartfelt lyrical expression. The project is lead by songwriter and vocalist, Dustin Johnsen. Dustin’s songwriting utilizes American roots music as a foundation to layer an amalgam of sonic textures, dissonance and resolve, and intentional rough edges. ... more

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Track Name: all that's left is right
all that’s left is right [07_13_2013]

surrender down to your knees
let the night sail the seas
so dark
so far
every shadow of light
a trick to fool and win without a fight

another song in the air
to tease a heart with despair
so dark
so right
a soft and muted sound
a sing-along with words that are never found

congratulate your esteem
for taking risks you perceive
so wrong
so far
a plastic gold-painted crown
a prince to rule the throne of an empty town

forgive the smiles you receive
return the faith you believe
so wrong
so what
all that whispers at night
a reminder that the only thing left is right

so let the stars guide you down to fracture faith with their sound
so right
so bright
all that’s left in your heart is right
Track Name: the sorrow side of sundown
the sorrow side of sundown [04_17_2013]

maybe when the sky turns to red
the sorrow of the souls help the dead sing
awakened by the sound of shooting stars
forgotten in the dust of racing cars

the hours hang above like stones
they’re silhouettes of broken bones
melodies falling one by one

the neighbor up above sends his rain
a savior in a suit and bloody tie
a favor from the fading crimson sky
a runaway child from a broken home of father’s pain

the minutes swarm around like bees
they’re stinging hearts
collapsing knees
sending prayers to the fading sun

clever tears knock pinholes in the sky
as colors down stones fall with a sigh
time and space forever race
equations come undone
that’s the rhyme no one can outrun
Track Name: mystery land
mystery land [09_2012]

one day when i’m gone
the ghosts will sing my haunted song
for every soft and whispered lullaby
the time it is so near
the answers in the mist so clear
it washes every tear with acrid smiles

so when i let it go
tonight with the moon so low
sunrise may never come
in this dark and haunted mystery land
where love is forever gone and cold

so carry on like you do
your happiness and love so true
to every lie that sings in harmony
i’ll fade away like you want
a shadow only left to haunt
to sing alone to dreams that never come

so when i let it go
tonight with the moon so low
sunrise may never come
in this dark and haunted mystery land
where the sidewalk never ends

one day as a child
we learn to dream and chase desires
such innocence so easy to beguile

too down and tired to let it go
too alone and scared to let you know
too beaten down to ever show
how hard i tried to find the light
so dark and so right
Track Name: our analog technology
our analog technology [01_21_2014]

another reason to let go of all that’s lost
another mystery
another history fades into the sea
to sing alone

another sunken ship of dreams to dock the shores
another field of mines
another broken rhyme we never need to learn
to sing again

when am i the one?
when am i the one to reach out?
when am i the one to save the night?

forever lost and found three stones out from the sun
forever analog
forever blinding fog
among these corporeal seas of flesh and bone

our mother programs every step we take ashore
forever digital
our father sells the code of chance to lucky souls
let’s roll the dice

when are we the ones?
when are we the ones to break out?
when are we the ones to face the fight?
when are we the ones to risk what’s right?