our analog technology_ [solo]

by dKOTA

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this is PART 2 of our most recent double release, "our analog technology" / this segment features solo acoustic songs and strings // part 1 [also available on bandcamp] features the band_


released August 15, 2014

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all songs, lyrics, artwork, and design << dustin johnsen
recorded & produced @ revolver studios, portland, oregon
mastered @ eureka mastering, kansas city, kansas

all rights reserved // copyright << dkota & dustin johnsen publishing // ASCAP 2014_



all rights reserved


dKOTA Portland, Oregon

dKOTA is music from Portland, Oregon that explores expansiveness, dynamics, unexpected progressions, and heartfelt lyrical expression. The project is lead by songwriter and vocalist, Dustin Johnsen. Dustin’s songwriting utilizes American roots music as a foundation to layer an amalgam of sonic textures, dissonance and resolve, and intentional rough edges. ... more

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Track Name: we are the asteroid
"...technology can be used for good and for evil. It is as if there were a God who said to us, “I set before you two ways: You can use your technology to destroy yourselves or to carry you to the planets and the stars. It's up to you.” ~ Carl Sagan
Track Name: snowcastles
snowcastles [11_30_2013]

so maybe you can walk me home tonight
i’m a little cold now and i can’t put up a fight
because i know you’re the one
to be here by my side
when nobody is around
to show me how to move along and smile

because i know
that you’re the one for me
when you sing
a song among the rain and breeze

oh, nobody can compare
to the light in your eyes
it’s the fire in your stare
to melt my heart into your lullabies

i know
that i can find my home to start again
so long
as you take my hand and help me sing along

so baby will you walk me home tonight
i’m a little cold now and i can’t put up a fight
because i know you’re the one
to be here by my side
when nobody is around
to show me how to move along and smile
Track Name: miss midwest
miss midwest [10_28_2007]

my letter from out west
just to know that you’re still there
those heavy thunderstorms
no longer knocking on my door

and i wonder what would you say
about my life since i moved away
oh, what am i going to do when i start missing you?

because i know you’re in my heart
till i die you’ll be a part
of everything and everywhere i go
you’re the one that lets me dream
and when you speak to me,
you sing

miss midwest

church bells bring the light
hazy bars carry the night
that heavy, humid air
hang above like distant plans

and i miss those christmas days
lost in streets of a snowy maze
oh, what am i going to do when i stop missing you?

because you’ve taught me what i need
to feel love and succeed
now promise me that you’ll always stay the same
you’re the one that lets me dream
and when you speak to me
you sing

miss midwest
you’re summer-sweet

you’re mine
my dear miss midwest
Track Name: serenade of sirens
serenade of sirens [08_26_2013]

the simple sound of silence
a simple lullaby
a simple song to tame the breeze when it’s blowing hot outside
forever lost in melody
forever lost in love
so true
it’s a lonely blue

i want to see the moonlight
i want to feel the rain
i want to hear the sound of love breaking down with no pain
it’s forever kept a secret
oh, forever time to risk it all
to touch the stars
it’s a lonely blue

so pick me up when i’m cold
because i don’t want to be here all alone
surrender now to the life that passes me by, dear
forever doesn’t wait around for a lonely soul

a serenade of sirens
a serenade of sighs
a serenade of praying loud to the darkness in your eyes
a harmony to sail the seas
a melody of a summer breeze, so true

i want to seek the mystery
and i want to fail
i want to climb and reach the top to learn its lonely tale
like a fading sunbeam with a broken yellow trail
and a wish so true
the lonely blue

another way to whisper
another way to cry
another way to fall down
another way to die

and i want to reach and touch you
the only thing that really seems real
is where we are
right now
Track Name: the lucky
the lucky [10_27_2012]

so here we lie
and dream about us tomorrow
whispering how it’s going to be

so here we smile
afraid of what’s to come tomorrow
the sun will rise to shine on all our sorrow
for what we know cannot ever be

so don’t look up when you know that this is all the higher we’ll fly
just hold my hand and don’t let go
we’re holding on to what we know
it’s love and loss
and rochambeau
so right
we lose

falling through paper eyes
we try
to count back to one when the time was right

oh, let me down from your smile

so here we lie
singing songs of tomorrow
the cries that drown where no one hears the sorrow
of a lucky hand with nothing left to lose