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heaven from here
[08_15_ 2015]

this lovely night
everything is just right here
except your eyes to make it bright
do you miss my jokes?
like i miss your hopes
in every smile that you gave

but i cannot swim in the sea of your change
and your storm of fear that blows in my past rains
so when you’re all strong
and your winds are calm
will you love again to wipe your tears?
because I can see heaven from here

or was i wrong?
to end it all now?
With a hopeful wish in a hopeless song
i’m sorry, dear
i didn’t try for tears, no
but i’ve got them too
just like you

so don’t look back now
or regret a single thing
you’re love for me made my frail heart sing
and when you’re all strong
and your winds are all calm
will you love again to wipe your tears?
because i can see heaven from here

i’ll head on my way
where the nights last all day
and the moon arrives to fill my glass of wine again
there’s nothing to say
when i know you’re okay
and that you’ll shine to make the world a better place

turn darkness to light
with love on your side
you’re beautiful now
no matter who let’s you go




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dKOTA Portland, Oregon

dKOTA is music from Portland, Oregon that explores expansiveness, dynamics, unexpected progressions, and heartfelt lyrical expression. The project is lead by songwriter and vocalist, Dustin Johnsen. Dustin’s songwriting utilizes American roots music as a foundation to layer an amalgam of sonic textures, dissonance and resolve, and intentional rough edges. ... more

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