the dark matter_ [free download]

by dKOTA



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a demo track from 2015 // perhaps about an alien trying to integrate among the humans; perhaps about someone attempting to purge the alien within themselves; perhaps both // regardless, just when when understanding is thought to occur, the song slips through your fingers / at least that was the intent_


the dark matter [04.28.15]

believe in yourself now
breathe in and out like they ask
because you’re not happy anymore
or crying anymore
you’re just numb
to the sun
forever burned

try to do your best now
bleed it all out like they want
because you’re not like them anymore
or frightened anymore
you’re just fine
no longer mine
forever blind
believe in what they show you every time

breathe like they do
forget all that you knew
it was never true
so trust in what they say
they’ll feed you smiles so long as you stay
they’ll live to let you die

believe in yourself now


released May 22, 2015
Dustin Johnsen



all rights reserved


dKOTA Portland, Oregon

dKOTA is music from Portland, Oregon that explores expansiveness, dynamics, unexpected progressions, and heartfelt lyrical expression. The project is lead by songwriter and vocalist, Dustin Johnsen. Dustin’s songwriting utilizes American roots music as a foundation to layer an amalgam of sonic textures, dissonance and resolve, and intentional rough edges. ... more

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